piątek, 22 sierpnia 2008

Wall.E and The Kung-fu Panda

Wall.E is the cutest thing. So is The Kung-fu Panda. Their both adorable, determined, acheive their dreams and make you want to smile. There were so many people in the movie theater- when it was all over and everyone was running to the toilets and the kids that saw both Wall.E and Kung-fu Panda were imitating the characters. I laughed my heart out. I'll write more when I get the chance, but for now.. go see Wall.E and King Bruce **Panda** Karate Mistrz!

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Magdalena pisze...

mam to samo zdanie co do Kung fu pandy. sama byłam z braciszkiem[10lat] i nie wiem kto się głośniej śmiał -ja czy on.
i pozdrawiam Cię Kathy :):)